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Project 52 – Week 41 – Water

Friday morning means a new Project 52 post for you to feast your eyes on. Some of the members of the Beautiful Beasties Network (a professional pet photographers’ forum) are taking on the challenge of doing pet-related photography, with a theme that changes every week, for an entire year. The goal is to start shooting outside the box, to challenge ourselves as photographers and to expand our vision and talents. So far I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my participation, and I have learned to look at my dogs and their accoutrements in a different light (and at a different angle).

Martin Swaffield chose this week’s theme, and his choice was water.  He had this to say – The idea is to include water in your photo. Water is vital to life , but to many pets it is also something to enjoy and play with or in.  Considering I don’t live near a beach or a river or lake that is safe for my dogs, I had to do some improvising.  Thankfully Mother Nature made my task a bit easier by giving me a broad hint this morning.

I know – you’re staring at this photo trying to figure out where the water is.  Look closely, behind the dogs on the rock.  I know, it’s hard to ignore them, but try.  Yep, there it is.  That white, fluffy stuff is frozen water . . . . also known as snow.  Yes, we got snow on October 10th.  It shouldn’t stick, but still, it just feels wrong.

Here’s Jack Jack, dashing through the . . . frozen water

Princess Grace is wondering why her feet are wet and cold?????

I know it’s an unconvential use of water, but I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog! Hopefully this is the last you’ll see of snow for a while . . . and I really hope the same goes for us!  As this is a blog ring, please continue on to Unleashed! Pet Portraits in Victoria, British Columbia’s blog  for more awesome photos . Once you’re done with Melissa’s blog, keep clicking through the links at the end of each blog until you get back here, and you’ll have seen all of the Project 52 blog posts for this week.