Project 52 – Week 29 – Gimme A Kiss

Friday morning means a new Project 52 post for you to feast your eyes on. Some of the members of the Beautiful Beasties Network (a professional pet photographers’ forum) are taking on the challenge of doing pet-related photography, with a theme that changes every week, for an entire year. The goal is to start shooting outside the box, to challenge ourselves as photographers and to expand our vision and talents. So far I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my participation, and I have learned to look at my dogs and their accoutrements in a different light (and at a different angle).

Fellow Canadian Karen Weiler (Toronto, ON) selected a theme of kisses for this week. Despite the fact that I’m traveling and not near a computer for most of the week, I HAD to take part . . . after all, my dogs love kissing! I enlisted the help of my best friend (who is also an outstanding photographer) to get some particularly appropriate pictures for this topic.

My “baby” Jack Jack loves to give kisses . . . please take note of my shirt! I just had to wear it for this particular shoot.

Thanks go out to my best friend Andrea for taking the photos of Jack Jack and I.

Jack Jack doesn’t like the taste of my cherry chapstick, I guess

Jack Jack can’t resist mugging for the camera

I convinced Ange to let me take some pictures of her getting some canine therapy from Gracie.

Here Jack Jack demonstrates what a long tongue he has!

I you’ve enjoyed watching KLAD kids kiss up. As this is a blog ring, please continue on to the Toronto pet photographer Posh Pets Photography blog for more awesome photos . Once you’re done with Karen’s blog, keep clicking through the links at the end of each blog until you get back here, and you’ll have seen all of the Project 52 blog posts for this week.

About kladphoto

KLAD Photography is a mobile pet photography business which operates in Northern Alberta, Canada. Shoots can be done in the comfort of your own home or at an agreed-upon location. Providing pawparazzi for your pet!

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  1. I love these! And the t-shirt you’re wearing is perfect 🙂

  2. Love the shirt and the cherry chapstick hahaha! Such sweet images of you and Jack Jack.

  3. Awww….Jack Jack loves you!

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