Project 52 – Week 20 – Multiples

Friday morning means a new Project 52 post for you to feast your eyes on.  Some of the members of the Beautiful Beasties Network (a professional pet photographers’ forum) are taking on the challenge of doing pet-related photography, with a theme that changes every week, for an entire year.  The goal is to start shooting outside the box, to challenge ourselves as photographers and to expand our vision and talents.  So far I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my participation, and I have learned to look at my dogs and their accoutrements in a different light (and at a different angle).

This week’s challenge was to do a photo shoot with multiples . . . the name of the challenge is “The More, The Merrier.”  Thankfully for me, this isn’t that much of a challenge.  With three dogs that I photograph together regularly, I’m not too bad with multiples.

May 11, 2012

This is Jack Jack, Grace and Farley . . . the sock monkey is a new toy that Farley got from his girlfriend Sadie, that lives in California.  They have an online romance that has been going on for over a year now.  How sweet.

This is a photo I took in 2010, while dogsitting for a few friends.  On the far left is Dolly (mostly hidden), then Fury, then Jack Jack, Heidi, Grace (in the back and mostly hidden), Farley, Ember, Summer, Teddy, Karma and Rhanni. Yes, that is a total of 11 dogs.  Yes, they all stayed for this photo . . . even while I went to get my camera.  Such good dogs!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing multiples.  As this is a blog ring, please continue on to North Carolina pet photographer Steph Skardal’s blog for more awesome photos .  Once you’re done with Steph’s blog, keep clicking through the links at the end of each blog until you get back here, and you’ll have seen all of the Project 52 blog posts for this week.

About kladphoto

KLAD Photography is a mobile pet photography business which operates in Northern Alberta, Canada. Shoots can be done in the comfort of your own home or at an agreed-upon location. Providing pawparazzi for your pet!

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  1. You always have such beautiful group shots. Lovely images and that last one… wow! That’s a lot of dogs!

  2. Those are some patient dogs! Can’t believe they sat there for you and while you got your camera!

  3. that second one is unbelievable!! i love that sock monkey was included :}

  4. Wow! I love your dogs sunbathing and am more than impressed with the second photo. I can’t imagine dog sitting that many dogs let alone photographing them all together.

  5. Sharon Stokes

    Beautiful shot of your three sunbathing with sock monkey 🙂 Lucky Farley!!
    And, WOW, 11 dogs in one shot…impressive!

  6. Oh goodness…love the story of the online romance!

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