Project 52 – Week 8 – The Dog In The Mirror

After a week off for a trip to New York City (blog post to follow!), I’m back to participating in the Beautiful Beasties Network Project 52, which explores a new pet-related theme every week. Last week I missed out on interpreting my dogs’ moods. They’re probably less disappointed than I am. This week’s theme was windows or reflections. Given that it’s still frosty and snowy outside, I decided to try getting some reflections. Initially my goal was to have my dogs examining themselves in the mirror, but the dogs had other ideas. For the past four years I’ve reinforced them for looking at the camera – there was no way they were going to look away. What if a treat suddenly appeared while they were looking elsewhere????

Gracie did not want to pose this week. Her facial paralysis is improving, but she’s been peevish since I got back from New York, so I didn’t push the issue. The boys were only too happy to play my games, as always.





As this is a blog roll, full of delightful pet photos, please follow this link to Anthony Helton’s blog – Keep following the links to see everybody’s interpretation of this week’s assignment. When you get back here, you’ve seen them all!

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  1. Great shots – I especially love the last one!

  2. Adorable! I love tongue shots.

  3. Lovely set, that tongue shot is super cute!

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