Project 52 – Week 4 – Snuggling

Welcome to my Project 52 blog post for week 4! This week our assignment was to photograph our dogs either jumping or cuddling. The only jumping my dogs do is on and off the couch, but they are snuggling champions! This was not a hard task . . . well, getting the pictures wasn’t hard. Choosing the best ones was much tougher 🙂

Jack Jack Sleeping

Isn't it true that they look like angels when they're sleeping?

Jack Jack (my youngest) doesn’t snuggle as much as the others. He’s often on alert, ready to warn me about the next intruder (like the one from a few weeks ago – a helium balloon). This photo was a real catch, because normally the second I move, he’s up and making sure I’m not going anywhere without him.

Grace Checking In

Gracie was cuddled up to my leg while I was on the couch, but as you can see, I woke her up as I reached for the camera. For those of you aware of her facial paralysis, you can see that the left side of her face is still drooping and her left eye is still smaller. But she’s not letting it stop her one bit, so don’t fret about Gracie-Lou-Who.

My Old Dog

My beloved Old Dog is a real cuddle-bunny

Farley has had more than 12 years of practice at cuddling, so he is a grand champion at it. In fact, this pose is one I see for the majority of the time I spend with him. He sleeps a lot, and his favourite way to sleep is pressed up tight against one of his people. I love this face – it is the face of an angel (of course, I am deeply biased!)

Thanks for checking out my blog! Since this is a blog roll, please continue on to Karla Ogilvie’s blog to see her wonderful photos. And then keep on going, to enjoy many gorgeous animals. When you get back here, you’ve done the entire trip!

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  1. You definitely have some super-snugglers on your hands. I just love love love their squishy sleepy faces (but I’m not very biased, am I?!). Love the shots!

  2. He looks very cuddly…especially in that last photo. He’s making me sleepy just looking at him!

  3. The third shot is just an overload of cuteness!

  4. Oh that last image of Farley is so sweet!

  5. These are definitely super cuddlers.

  6. Awww, so cute and snuggly 🙂

  7. Kelly, thanks for sharing your blog and your cockers. You are one very busy person. How do you have time for our WWF games?

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