Monthly Archives: September 2010


I thought I’d write a quick blog post updating folks on the various things going on in my life.

1. I’m coping very well with the death of my father (not to be confused with my stepdad, whom I refer to as my dad). I had a few rough days early on, but my emotional roller coaster seems to have come to a complete stop, and I feel like I’m on much more of an even keel these days.

2. Farley continues to do okay. He has good days and bad days, but regardless of his mental state he’s always happy. He’s taking SAMe to support his liver, Omega 3s to support his brain and kidneys, and Anipryl to help prevent confusion. I’m not seeing much change (if any) with the Anipryl, but it’s early days yet.

3. Grace has recovered beautifully from her spay operation. Within a couple of days she was totally back to normal, as if she had not just had major surgery. It boggles my mind that she bounced back so quickly when women spend weeks recovering from a hysterectomy. I guess if I ever get spayed I should have my vet do it LOL

4. Fall is most definitely in the air. Overnight our temps are pretty close to the freezing mark, although we haven’t had frost yet. August has been a write-off with more rainy days than not. It’s been so wet that I haven’t been able to cut the grass in the backyard, and it now looks like a jungle. They’re forecasting a couple of days of sunshine, so I hope I can get that grass mowed before my dogs disappear in there one day.

5. I’m tired. Really, really tired. Which means I’m not exercising enough. When I get up and move, I sleep better and feel better. Hopefully with the cooler (but DRY) weather, I can get out with the dogs more, and get back into a good fitness routine. July was scorching hot and August was soaking wet. Maybe September will be just right?