Monthly Archives: March 2010

Movie Report

I saw four movies while I was on holidays (three on the plane and one in the theatre).

The Blind Side – an extremely good movie, definitely worth watching. I thought it would be just another sports movie, but it’s not. Sandra Bullock definitely deserved her Oscar. I highly, highly recommend this one!

Alice In Wonderland (3D) – This movie was one I’d been looking forward to for ages. I think I expected something similar to Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, or the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. It had Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, but really, it was different than those other movies. Far less light-hearted and more serious. It wasn’t bad at all, but different than I expected. If you like movies directed by Tim Burton, check it out.

Up In The Air – This was a movie I wasn’t sure about seeing, since it got mixed reviews with people I know. It wasn’t horrible . . . but it wasn’t fabulous either. Really, it was just okay.

New Moon – The second movie in the Twilight series, I mostly watched it because I’ve read all of the books. It was okay. Definitely geared towards teenage girls. If you want a light-hearted movie (fluff), it’s good. If you’re looking for in-depth plot development, you may want to look elsewhere.