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Job Specifics

Okay, now that everything is hammered out, I can finally share the details about my new job at Syncrude 🙂 This is a position change within the company – I am not changing companies.

I will be working on the SAP project (to install SAP as our base system on top of Windows) starting on May 11th. Rather ironically, I will be returning to the trailer that I worked in 2 years ago, and maybe even to the same office! I will be a Project Manager Analyst, or Project Coordinator. I will work as a liaison between Syncrude and Exxon for the project, and will be familiar with both sets of systems. SAP is a program that includes all aspects of the business from purchase to pay (ERP, if you’re familiar with the industry term), so it is going to be a MAJOR change for employees at Syncrude. It’s a huge project, and I will get lots of exposure, so it’s a great opportunity.

Wish me luck on my new adventure – it should be very interesting!

The Frisbee Fairy

On Saturday, after being out of the house all day with three of my nieces, I came home to find the red frisbee back in the yard. The dogs are thrilled, especially Farley, since he adores that thing. A friend told me that the frisbee fairy had taken it for regularly scheduled maintenance, and that occasional disappearances can be attributed to her. Who knew????

Revenge Is Sweet

Remember the “Shhhhh . . . In Disguise” pictures? Well, those glasses were from my 8 year old niece’s birthday party . . . all of the kids wore them.

Yesterday when i got home from work, I found Farley chewing on a flesh-coloured piece of plastic. Ooops, there went the nose. In the basement I found the remnants of the charmingly fuzzy eyebrows and mustache. Sigh.

Farley says revenge is sweet 🙂

Change Is Good

Today I got some good news at work. My rotation in Internal Audit is drawing to a close, and my boss and I have been discussing my options for where to go next within the company. It’s been an ongoing discussion for a few weeks now, and we’ve been talking about plans and possibilities.

A couple of weeks ago my boss called me about a really exciting opportunity within my company. I talked to a few people involved with the potential job, and sent in my resume. Well, I was either shockingly charming or my resume is brilliant, because today they called me to invite me to join the department 🙂 YAHOO! I’m really happy about this, because it’s a heck of an opportunity for me, with lots of room for personal and professional growth.

I can’t say a lot about the details until everything is hammered out, but suffice it to say that my spring re-birth and changes are coming about.

Shhhh . . . I’m hunting wascally wabbits

Farley . . . . incognito.

Adventures in Kelly-Land

Yep, life is always an adventure, right? At least it seems that way with my life.

Yesterday I was playing frisbee with the dogs in the backyard, enjoying the weather and sunshine. The dogs were having a great time running around too. Unfortunately, as I occasionally do, I threw the frisbee into the neighbours’ yard. Not the uber-friendly, pleasant neighbours – no, that would have made life too easy. It was the cranky, solitary, unfriendly neighbours. No worries, though, as it didn’t appear that anybody was home.

I went to the front of the house, opened their gate, and made my way through the little corridor to their yard. I was about to go around the house when I heard a chain jangle. A dog chain. Now, I had no idea that they had a dog (it’s very quiet, I guess), so I had no idea if it was friendly or not. Scratch the idea of going through the yard – no longer feasible.

So I took the old dog Farley into the fire lane and cruised behind the houses. I could see the frisbee, just inside the fence. No skinny sticks to try and shove through the fence boards to try and manipulate the frisbee in any manner. But a lovely big, old tree. Good for climbing, or at least hanging onto while you get yourself over the fence. It wasn’t pretty, and I can guarantee it wasn’t graceful either, but I got myself over the fence and into the tree. I dropped into the yard, grabbed the frisbee, and climbed the tree to get back out. Action over for the day, I looked for Farley. His concern for his owner was overwhelming . . . I guess he figured I was gone, since I had disappeared, so he had started to make his way further down the laneway, checking out the good smells. His devotion is underwhelming LOL

I did learn two valuable lessons though – 31 year old bodies are not meant for climbing trees, especially when they’re out of shape, and stop throwing the balls, frisbees and other toys over the damned fence!

Absolutely unbelievable

This just goes to show that you truly can NOT judge a book by its cover! This woman is totally unreal . . . her voice is angelic!

Interesting discovery . . .

Well, as those of you that have met him know, my young man Jack Jack is a pokey puppy when it comes to eating. No matter what kinds of things I’ve added to his food (canned food, baby food, gravy, supplements, etc) he has always been a slow eater, and he rarely finishes his meal. He’s not a fat dog – in fact, he could stand to gain at least a pound – even though he eats 2 cups of food a day. That’s twice what the other two eat!

As I do on every holiday, I took some of our meal and added it to the dogs’ food. Last night they got some mashed turnips (my mom and I love ’em) and some cooked carrots, cut into small pieces (by my 4 year old niece, who started biting them into pieces when the knife wasn’t cutting easily – OMG we laughed at that!). Well, to my shock (and great happiness) Jack Jack was the first one finished eating! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

To see if it was just a “one of” occurrence, I gave them all the same thing tonight. Again tonight, he sucked down that meal like it was going to vanish if he didn’t hurry. It’s so awesome to know that he has a favourite food, although I’m kind of surprised it’s turnips and carrots. But whatever, at least now I know what to tempt him with!


Normally I have my taxes done as soon as all of my receipts come in. But for some reason (perhaps being so busy I can hardly think!) I have been slow to do my taxes this year. I know I’m getting money back, because of my investments and donations, so there’s no rush to have them done for any particular deadline. Anyhow, today I sat down with Intuit’s QuickTax program and did my taxes.

I put everything in, and clicked on the review button, to see how much I was getting back. I almost passed out when it told me I had an amount payable in the multiple thousands of dollars!!!!!!!!!!! My mind was reeling and I felt sick to my stomach, trying to figure out how I would pay that. I called my mom into the room, and she very kindly (and without as much laughter as I expected) pointed out that I’d forgotten to fill in some boxes. Once those boxes were filled in, I realized that I was getting a refund. Phew!

Thank goodness for my mom, or I’d still be in shock, and looking for quick ways to make money.


So, on March 23rd I “celebrated” 5 years of being employed at the same place. Normally that wouldn’t really seem like much of an accomplishment, but in this day and age of job changes, it’s not bad. When I sit back and think about it, it certainly doesn’t feel like I’ve been there for 5 years. It feels like I just started a couple of years ago. The time has gone by quickly. Of course, for half of that, I was working on my MBA, and most of that time is a blur.

I got a nice, hand-signed letter from the CEO of the company I work for (http://www.syncrude.come) and I get to choose a milestone gift from Birks (the jewellry store). Not everything is made by Birks, but I guess they handle the awards. Because I also have 5 years of safe work, I get to choose an award for that as well. The choice for that was easy, as there are only 9 awards to choose from. I picked a really nice Victorinox Swiss Army Knife/Tool set. Choosing from the awards for 5 years of service is tougher. Still, how nice to have a choice . . . many companies don’t offer gifts.

No other real milestones to talk about today . . . it’s been a beautiful spring day, with warm weather and blue skies. I spent half of the day with 3 of my nieces and my mom, and I spent the other half of the day grooming my monsters (the youngest two). Can’t complain, that’s for sure!

Happy Easter to my blog readers, and thanks for reading my rants, musings and weird notes.