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Well, I just “discovered” a new writer, and had to share. I have been hearing about the “Twilight” books for ages (author is Stephanie Meyer), so my best friend took the plunge for me and bought me the first book in the series. I have to preface this by saying that I don’t traditionally appreciate the paranormal, and so I tend not to read those kinds of books. But so many people whose opinions I respect have raved about these books, so I held back disbelief and plunged in.

Wow! What a great book “Twilight” is! Granted, it’s geared towards teenagers, so you have that social element, but otherwise it is very enjoyable. The story is good, and I actually got involved enough in it that I didn’t have to suspend disbelief for long – just for the first chapter or two. I have since picked up the second book, and am trying to find the third one in trade paperback as well. I can’t wait to read on!

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  1. They are awsome!! I loved them. Like you said they are a bit geared towards teenagers, but I found them a good way to waste some time. Stephanie Myers book “The Host” is really good to. Although you still have to ignore the paranormal side of things. I usually hate any sort of sci-fi books, and I am really enjoying her books. They are a good enough read that I kinda let that fact slip to the back of my mind 🙂 Anyways, “The Host” is more geared towards adults so it is a bit different/better in that aspect. I haven’t totally finished it, but so far it hasn’t been a waste of time 🙂 Have fun with the books. The third book is really good!

  2. Sounds like I have yet another book to add to my own list!

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