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Welcome Home!

Well, yesterday was the big day . . . the end to pretending that I own this house and I don’t share it with anybody LOL My parents came home from their 3 week vacation yesterday. I surprised them by meeting at the airport – I have to admit that I was pretty excited to see them too. Despite being able to sit online as much as I wanted to, the house was kind of quiet and lonely without them here.

My mom had a real adventure on the cruise – her blood sugars went WAY out of whack, and she ended up spending all kinds of time in the ship sick bay, getting IV treatment and having injectable insulin. Not an expensive adventure, and certainly not a part of the ship that folks want to see. But they got everything under control, and she’s feeling better now. Thank goodness!

I have looked at all of my dad’s pictures, and he took some awesome ones. I can’t wait to see what my mom took now 🙂 They did have some formal pictures done on the ship, and those turned out beautifully. It is so cool to see my dad in a tux!

My family is whole again . . . life is good 😉

Life Is Good

Okay, okay I know that’s a corny title for a blog post . . . and goodness knows, I’ve probably already used it at least once during the life of this blog. But honestly, these days, I can’t complain. Yes, there is some added stress at work, and yes, I’ve had some “friend” issues recently (they *seem* to be over now, thank goodness). But overall, life is very good for me. I have a great vacation coming up, my folks will be home from their cruise soon (don’t tell them I missed them though!), two healthy dogs, and things are just on track.

Now, ask me if I feel the same this time tomorrow! I have to get groceries, buy dog food, get a massage (okay, that part won’t be hard), clean the house, do laundry and clean the yard. I might not be as excited about life in 24 hours 😉

Thankful Thursday

Here we are again, having reached Thursday. There’s something somewhat exciting about Thursday, because it’s tantalizingly close to Friday. It’s most definitely the best night for prime time TV, and you go to bed happy, knowing that Friday might be more casual than the rest of the week, and you have a different feeling than you had all week.

This week I’m thankful for being spontaneous. This is not normally something I’m good at – I tend to plan everything, if not OVERplan it. I’m very averse to risk, and I feel that planning takes away a lot of risk. But yesterday, when my friend emailed me and asked if I wanted to take a quick trip to Vegas, I had enough spontaneity in me to say yes! We’re planning now, of course, but just that rush of adrenaline that came from saying yes without thinking it through helped get me through the day. I’m still feeling good about it. I know it sounds silly, but for somebody that plans everything to a “t” it’s pretty cool to just “do it.”

I hope you guys are enjoying your Thursday!


I stole the idea for this post from a friend’s blog . . .

So here’s goes nothing….

A- Attached or Single: Single

B- Best friend: I have four if you can imagine that! – Ange, Jackie, Brandi and Jes

C- Cake or Pie: Chocolate cake!

D- Day of Choice: Fridays . . . it’s a more casual day at work, and usually a fun, relaxed evening

E- Essential Item: Water… for the need to live kind of essential. Books… for my sanity! (sounds good to me)

F- Favorite color: Purple

G- Gummi Bears or Worms: Gummi Bears from Dominion in Scarborough . . . yummmmm

H- Hometown: Fort McMurray

I- Indulgence(s): Novels… I love to get into a good book.

J- January or July: January – my birthday falls then!

K-Kids: Two furkids – Farley & Grace

L- Life is Incomplete Without: My family

M-Marriage Date: Not applicable

N- Number of Siblings: 1 brother

O- Oranges or apples: Oranges

P- Phobias or Fears: Losing my loved ones

Q- Quotes: Let me be the person my dog thinks I am.

R- Reason to Smile: I’m going to Vegas, and it’s going to be awesome!

S- Season: Spring

T- Tag Seven: Weeza . . . nobody else I know has a blog!

U- Unknown Fact about Me: I love jigsaw puzzles!

V- Vegetarian or Meat Lover: Meat lover . . .

W- Worst Habit: Nail biting! I need to join nail-biters anonymous.

X- X Rays or Ultrasounds: Ultrasound . . . I had one for my gallbladder once, and the U/S tech showed me my heart beating, which was super cool!

Y- Your Favorite Food: Hamburgers & Jackie’s lasagne

Z-Zodiac: Quintessential Capricorn!

Crazy Days

It’s funny how life can change so suddenly, based on the people around you. One day everything is fine, and then bam! things change. I want to preface this post by saying that the changes are affecting me negatively, so this isn’t a complaint or rant. Just an observation, if you will.

Yesterday I got back to work after my trip to Devon/Red Deer. I’ve been working on an audit with a co-worker, and she’d been off the week prior, so I was eager to chat with her and to have us align our work again. She dropped a bombshell – she told me she was leaving the company to pursue other opportunities. I wasn’t surprised, as she isn’t completely happy where she is, and this will be a much better place for her. But I was disappointed. She’s a good co-worker, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and working with her. I’ll miss her.

The bigger aspect of this is that the company she’s going to work for is the one we have been auditing! So, to prevent any perception of impropriety, she is being taken off the audit, except to finish off her paperwork. That leaves me with more responsibility than I had two days ago! It’s a bit daunting, but I do think I can handle it. It just caught me off-guard. So the last two days have been busy, filled with adjustments, emails and phone calls.

On another, much more fun and exciting note, I’m going to Vegas baby! A couple of friends and I found a good seat sale, and now we’re jetting off to the city that never sleeps 🙂 It’s over the May long weekend, just for a couple of days. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see what the hype is about this fabulous city!

Fabulous weekend!

Well, I know it’s Tuesday and for most people, that means the weekend is a distant memory. But I had such a good weekend that I’m still glowing with the happiness of it.

I travelled to Devon to spend the weekend with my good friend, as well as to attend a dog show with my “old” guy Farley. In January 2008, the Canadian Kennel Club added Rally Obedience as an event that dogs can earn official titles at. It is like traditional obedience, but more fun and less stressful. Since Farley has been trained in obedience for years, I decided to take him out of “retirement” to see if he could earn a new title. He did me SO proud!

On Saturday he passed the trial, despite never having seen a Rally obedience course before. He trusted me, and worked like a little champ. I was so proud of him. Sunday he passed the trial again, and managed to earn the “bonus” win of High Scoring Cocker Spaniel in Rally (don’t tell him that he was the only Cocker LOL). Two passes down, and one more to go, and this guy will have earned a new title at the tender age of 8.5 years old!

I had a fabulous time visiting with friends and watching dogs compete. There were some nice Cockers entered at this show, and everybody had a good time cheering each other on. A group of us went out for supper, and had a blast. This is what dog show weekends should be about! Camraderie and laughter and good dogs.

Hope you had a good weekend too . . .

Thankful Thursday

This week, I am so very grateful for good friends. This has really been a roller coaster week, discovering that some people I thought were friends are not, and trying to sort through the “wreckage” of those friendships (or what I thought were friendships). It has been quite discouraging, but the bright spot has been my truly GOOD friends. People that don’t care that sometimes I’m nutty, and that don’t care whether or not I look good or whatever. Those are the people that are really important to me, and they’re they people that I am so glad to have in my life.

Over the years, as I’ve gone through some struggles, the same people have been supporting me and looking out for me. I’m sure they know who they are, and I would like to thank them. These people, along with my family and dogs, truly do make my life complete.

Gordon Ramsey (Spoiler below)

Yahoo! Hell’s Kitchen is back and with a vengeance! I’ve only watched the first few minutes (I taped it last night because I was busy with other stuff), and already I’m feeling the vibe! The introduction was particularly amusing . . . it started almost like a fairy tale, with pretty music and a soft, pleasant voice. Then they introduce the big monster – Gordon Ramsey! It was perfect!

Now he’s tasting the first meals that the aspiring chefs have made. Never in the three prior series of Hell’s Kitchen have I seen him throw up, but this time he did. Several times. It was awesome! Not that I like to see people puke, but come on . . . that’s not a good start for some poor schmuck!

I can only hope that the season continues on as it has started. I’m so glad that Hell’s Kitchen is back!

April Fool’s Day

Since I’m not really a jokester or prankster, I don’t usually pay a lot of attention to April Fool’s Day, other than to fervently hope and pray that nobody plays a joke on me. I tend to be quite gullible with stuff like that. Today was no different – in fact, I forgot about it being April 1st until well after lunch time.

A friend of mine was going to get her pregnant friend to pee on a pregnancy test stick, and then leave it in the bathroom for her boyfriend to find (you have to understand that they have a sick, twisted sense of humour in their relationship, so after the shock, he’d be fine with it). I would have liked to have seen his face this morning!

Other than that I haven’t really heard of any good April Fool’s Day pranks. If you have a good one, please share!

Pleasant Surprise

Be forewarned that after reading this, you might think I’m a bit off the wall. Moreso than usual, I mean.

Last week I ordered a book in the mail, based on a recommendation from a magazine article. I really respect the person that wrote the article, so I thought I’d give the book a try. It’s called “Best in Show” and it’s written by Bo Bengston, who is very well known in the dog world, as a breeder, a judge and an author. Anyhow, since it wasn’t very expensive (around $30 with my Chapters membership), I figured it would be a typical book, around 200 pages or so. Well, I could see the box in my mailbox as I pulled into the driveway, but I had NO idea how heavy it was! This book is almost 650 pages long! Which I personally think is a GREAT deal for about $30!

So, I was pleasantly surprised. It looks wonderful (after a quick skim) so I can’t wait to dive in and read it!