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Fun Weekend

I had a really nice weekend 🙂 A good friend of mine came to town for a visit, and we had a great time catching up and having fun. Friday I left work early and had lunch with my friend, and then we came to the house and played Wii. She brought up Karaoke Revolution: American Idol, and we had quite a bit of fun with that. Amazingly, Simon Cowell is quite nice . . . which is just odd. Neither of us can really sing that well, but we managed to win some Platinum and Gold records.

Saturday we went for lunch at a local sushi place and then ran some errands. After that we came home and played Wii again. This time we did Dance, Dance Revolution (with the floor pad). It sounds like a kids’ game, but let me tell you, it provides quite the workout! I’m sure I got more exercise playing video games than I have in a long time. And believe me, I know that just sounds wrong LOL Saturday night we had tickets to see Aaron Lines in concert. He put on a fabulous show, and we both enjoyed it a lot.

Today was low key, as her flight left in the early afternoon. Still, we managed to get in lots of visiting in what felt like two short days. I’m sure glad she came for a visit! I hope you had a great weekend too!

Thankful Thursday

Last week I had a brutal migraine, and couldn’t post on Thursday. This week, I’m glad to be back on track. This is my favourite post of the week, because it really gets me to think about the great things in my life.

Today I’m thankful for my family, and the fact that we’re so close. Yesterday my parents left for a South American cruise, and the house is very, very quiet without them. If I feel lonely without them today, how will I handle the next 3 weeks? It’s not necessarily loneliness . . . just noticing how quiet and still the house is without other people moving around. Thankfully the dogs make up for some of that silence . . .

I have heard of so many people that don’t have close relationships with their parents, and I always feel sorry for them. My mom and I are especially close, but even my dad and I have a good relationship. I know that I can talk to them about almost anything, and they’ll provide a good perspective for me. I know that they love me and care about me, and will support me through anything. And I know how lucky that makes me.

Take some time to think about what you’re thankful for today . . .

New Music

Over the past few weeks I’ve added some new music to my collection. Having received an iPod Touch for my birthday from my best friend, I’ve been downloading from iTunes like crazy. Thankfully I got lots of gift cards for Christmas for iTunes, so I haven’t spent money out of pocket . . . yet.

Feist – a Juno-nominated Canadian artist, Leslie Feist has a very soulful and haunting voice. I purchased her most recent CD and am enjoying it. It has a slower pace to it than a traditional rock or pop CD, but it’s very musical.

Sara Bareilles – Her single “Love Song” has been all over the radio, and I liked the catchy tune, so I purchased the whole CD. It’s a nice, mainstream, female pop album. Upbeat, and Sara has a very nice voice. It’s perfect for listening to at work. If you like the American Idol type of music, I think you would enjoy this CD. If you don’t like pop music, give this one a miss.

Regina Spektor – This CD was recommended to me by a good friend, so I felt like I had to purchase it. I wasn’t disappointed. Similar to Sara, the first tune was a hit single (can’t remember the name of it off-hand – sorry folks!), and very catchy. This CD isn’t really as “poppy” as Sara’s, it has a bit more of an edge. Not raunch or hard core at all, just not as . . . carefree. Another wonderful female artist.

Trace Adkins – Greatest Hits Volume 2. Okay, I admit that I fell in love with Trace’s gravelly voice from watching Celebrity Apprentice, so my dad thought he’d surprise me with Trace’s CD. I’m not typically a huge country fan, although I do have some albums (Aaron Lines is an incredible country artist). I really enjoy Trace’s album – it’s a mix of “classic” country songs, along with some more modern, edgy country. There is a wide range of song types, from ballads to upbeat. Thta being said, if you don’t like country music, don’t buy it.

I’m always open to suggestions for new music, so if you have any ideas, feel free to share them!

Boo Hoo :(

I should have known better than to post a “Welcome spring” note, but I couldn’t help myself. As punishment, it has been snowing since sometime through the night. YUCK! I don’t like to use my blog to whine and complain, because that’s no fun for people to read, but I am so sad to see winter back. I sincerely hope it’s a short visit, because I am in desperate need of more sunshine and warm weather.

Apparently, in central Alberta, the weather is much better. So please take note that I’m jealous of the central (and southern) Albertans. Sigh.

Happy Easter!

I just wanted to wish all of my friends and blog readers a very happy Easter! It’s been a nice day here – the sun has been shining and it’s been a glorious 6 degrees! Everything is continuing to melt – at this rate we will be rid of the snow by the end of next month. I had two of my nieces visiting, and they spent some time dying eggs and decorating them. It was a fun day.

I hope everyone is enjoying their friends and family this Easter holiday!

It’s the Easter Cockers Charlie Brown!

Okay, okay . . . I know it’s not really the Easter Cockers, but I didn’t have a Beagle for my photo shoot, so I had to make do. My dogs are such good sports about it all – I just want to tell you that right up front. Not only do they tolerate the bunny ears, but they sit and stay while I take a bunch of pictures. I couldn’t ask for easier models to work with! I can’t say the same for the fuzzy pink guy in the middle . . . he refused to listen to any of my requests. Oh well, it was all in the spirit of Easter.

Wishing my friends and blog readers a very happy Easter! May it be filled with fun, good food and the love of family and friends!


Every year, the Canadian Cancer Society sells daffodil bunches, to raise money and awareness. Last weekend I bought two bunches, and they opened up through the week. They are gorgeous, and another welcome sign of spring. I thought I’d share some of the pictures I took, using the “macro” function on my new camera. Enjoy!

Welcome Spring

So yesterday was the first day of spring, as per my calendar. Since I live just south of the North Pole, spring doesn’t arrive here quite as quickly as it does in other, more temperate climates. But I think that I’m finally seeing signs that the solid grip of winter is being loosened! The snow is slowly melting, what with temps slightly above zero, and I can even see some small patches of grass! Granted, it’s dead and brown, but at least it’s showing. I’m so thankful for that. I think there are more birds out, and the sun is shining longer every day.

I know that given where I live, there could be more winter to come. But for now, I’m going to enjoy the sunshine and spring weather, and I’m going to soak up some Vitamin D!

More favourites

I am really getting a lot of mileage out of this whole “favourites” thing! Thank you Vicky for suggesting it 🙂

With the famed Writer’s Strike (over now, thankfully), a lot of my normal favourite TV shows have been on hold. I am in withdrawal from such great shows as NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy, House MD and Brothers & Sisters. I can’t wait until April, when they all start coming back on the air. It will be a momentous month! But, the strike has given me the opportunity to watch new shows – shows that are somewhat off the beaten path, and are just being aired on major networks as filler.

“Big Love” which stars Bill Paxton is about a polygamist and how he functions in the normal world (along with his 3 wives and their kids). The relationships within the family are explored, as is living “normally” and dealing with the church and their beliefs. It’s on Thursday nights, and I think it is normally shown on HBO. I’ve gotten interested in the story, so I try to watch it.

“America’s Most Smartest Model” is one of a plethora of reality TV shows that has cropped up to fill the void created by the strike. It is hosted by Ben Stein and a former model (her name escapes me right now). It is comprised of “smarts” and beauty competitions, and it’s very entertaining. It’s also on Thursdays, on CityTV. Definitely good for a laugh!

As always, TLC can be relied on to have quality programming. Now that Paige Davis is back on Trading Spaces, the show is more interesting again. This time around, the storylines of the people trading homes are featured as much as the re-designs themselves. Saturday nights on TLC are enjoyable with this show back to its former glory. Also of note on TLC are What Not To Wear (Fridays), Moving Up (Saturdays) and Flip That House (Saturdays).

I’m always open to suggestions for other new shows, so feel free to share your favourites!

My reading list

Somebody had asked about books . . . and I’m always willing to talk books. I’ve been reading up a storm since 2008 started!

Earlier this year I read “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett, which is a historical fiction novel based in the 1300’s in England. The story centers around Kingsbridge, which is a town attached to a priory with a cathedral that is being built. It spans about 100 years or so, and goes through several relationships over those years. This book was written in the late 80’s or early 90’s, so it is readily available.

Following that I read “World Without End” which is Ken Follett’s follow-up novel. You don’t have to read the first one to “get” the second one, but it would clear a few small things up, especially around ancestry and heritage. The second book starts in te 1600’s and it also takes place in Kingsbridge. Both are length novels, but well worth the read.

Following that I read “Atonement” by Ian McEwan. This novel was recently made into a movie in Hollywood. I haven’t seen the movie, but wanted to read this book. I have to say that I found it quite slow . . . lots of descriptions and discussions about peoples’ thoughts, but not much action. It took me a while to get through it, simply because it wasn’t hard to put down.

Now I’ve really gone serious, and am reading Danielle Steele’s “Sisters” LOL Not exactly intellectually challenging, but it is a nice, light read and so far I’m enjoying it. It works for a time when work is busy, and I have lots to think about there. This gives me an escape.