Monthly Archives: October 2007

Yet another pet peeve

Yep, I know, I’m chock full of pet peeves LOL But there are just certain things that drive me nuts. Like people being messy in the house. Not clutter, because anybody that has been to my house knows that I live amidst clutter. I know how to find stuff in my own clutter, and I can live with that, most of the time. Sometimes stuff topples over, and I hit my breaking point, at which I toss stuff to make the piles smaller. No, I’m talking about garbage being left around, dishes in the sink instead of in the dishwasher and people being lazy in general.

Don’t get me wrong – I will occasionally leave a sink full of dishes until the next morning or evening, because I’m feeling lazy. But when I know I’m going to use the dishwasher, I load the dishes right away. I don’t leave dirty dishes on the counter or in the sink, for somebody else to deal with. And I always throw my garbage away. I don’t leave it by the side of my bed, or on the floor, for the “maid” to come and pick up. Because, truth be told, there IS no maid here.

Don’t know why this is driving me nuts right now, but it is . . . so that’s my rant for the day.

I learned something new about myself . . .

Yep, I never thought it would be true of me, but I have discovered over the past few months that I’m a suburbanite yuppie. Sort of. Granted, I don’t have a white picket fence, but through the summer, I’m obsessed with the lawn. It has to be cut regularly, and I don’t want to see weeds or grass clippings scattered on the driveway or sidewalk. Even worse, if the neighbors have not trimmed their lawn, it’s like a little thorn in my side. I mean, come on, why should I even care?

The town I live in is booming . . . the population is growing a lot more quickly than the housing is, so lots of homes have many people living in them, instead of just one family. The new “fad” is for people to park their vehicles on the front lawn, thus killing the grass. Guess what? Yep, you’re right, it drives me CRAZY. I can’t stand seeing vehicles parked on the lawn . . . it just seems so – hillbilly – to me.

Sorry about not posting for several months. That’s the worst lapse I’ve had yet. I don’t really have a solid excuse, other than the myriad of changes that I’ve gone through since June. Some have been fabulous, some have been stressful, and everything’s been busy. But I’m hoping to at least post weekly, so that folks that read this blog regularly won’t think I’ve disappeared off the face of the earth.

Hope y’all are well!