Monthly Archives: June 2007

Good Luck Taffy!

Well, I haven’t posted about this, as I didn’t want to jinx it, but it’s now official . . . Taffy has been adopted! She has been living with very good friends of mine for the past couple of weeks, and today they signed the paperwork to make the adoption official. I couldn’t ask for a better home for Taffy – she is loved beyond belief, she gets long walks every day, and she gets to hang out with her dad all day long. What could be better? I will be grooming her, so I will get to see her regularly, plus her new mom is a close friend of mine, so that’s even cooler. I couldn’t be happier with the home she’s in.
Her new mom brought me some beautiful flowers, with a card thanking me for introducing her into their lives. That just about brought me to tears . . . what a fabulous gift.

Please join me in wishing Taffy well as she wraps her new family completely around her paws!

The fun never ends . . .

Well, initially I thought I just had a cold. No big deal – take a day or two off work, sleep some, and get rested. Hah! The sore throat has gotten progressively worse over the past few days, and then my glands swelled right up. So this morning I sucked it up and went to the ER to see a doctor. Usually it’s at least a 2 hour wait, but the ER Gods were smiling on me, and I only had to wait 25 minutes! Sure enough, it’s strep throat, and I’m now taking enough antibiotics to kill a small horse.

My two year old niece has been living with us for the past couple of weeks, as my brother’s girlfriend is on bed rest until she delivers her baby. A 2 year old is NOT conducive to bed rest, especially one that runs on Energizer batteries like this one does. So my dad has taken a leave from work and is watching her. It certainly makes the house more lively . . . she just never stops. But she’s fun to have around, and all of us are getting our workouts through the day. The dogs are just wiped at the end of every day.

Grace is currently trying to entice Farley into having a romantic affair. She’s in season, and is desperate for a boyfriend. Farley wants nothing to do with her . . . so she’s left to dream. Poor girl.

And that’s it from the zoo . . . til next time, stay healthy!

It’s All Come To A Head

I kind of figured this would happen – after all of the busy-ness and stress of the past few weeks (heck, over a month!) I have finally fallen ill. It’s nothing terribly serious – just a cold. Enough to keep me home from work, and also to keep me from speaking (to the delight of my family LOL), but not enough to keep me down for long.

I have some commitments over the next couple of weeks, but nothing compared to the stuff I had on my plate before this weekend. I have a dinner to go to with some friends (it’s put on by the company I work for, and it involves steak and lobster!), and then a birthday party to plan and execute. But those are fun things! I also have a dog show at the end of this month, and then Grace and I are taking a break for a while. I’d love to be showing her more as a puppy, but after this coming dog show, everything else is at least an 8 hour drive, and that means too much time off work.

My niece Natasha has been living with us for the past couple of weeks, so the dogs are just pooped by the end of the day. Especially Farley, who follows her around devotedly, hoping for crumbs or even theft of whatever’s in her hands. Grace doesn’t get as much one on one time with Tashie, as she is crated while I’m at work (a puppy and a toddler are just TOO much for my father – heck, they’d be too much for me!). So the house is busy, but fun.

Until next time, mes amis!

Still Busy!

But things are slowly easing off, thank goodness. Last weekend was VERY busy. I left on Thursday for Edmonton, for 4 days of dog shows. There was one outdoor dog show each day for Friday through Monday. On Friday night was the Puppy Sweepstakes for our National Breed Specialty, on Saturday was our National Specialty and on Sunday was another Specialty. So we showed 7 times in 4 days! Phew! We also had a Specialty dinner, a structure seminar and a live auction. Talk about being busy! Grace showed really, really well for me, and behaved well in her Aunty Jackie’s trailer too. She made a new friend (kisses to Emmitt Bowers!) and charmed many people. Farley got to strut his stuff in the Parade of Veterans, which made him almost as happy as the tennis ball he got.

I came home Monday night and promptly threw myself into preparations for my Grad ceremony, which is tomorrow. Being a part of the organizing committee means that I had a few tasks to handle. Luckily everything is pretty much done, and I can just enjoy the day.

I’m certainly glad that after this life should return to a fairly normal pace for a few weeks. I need a break!