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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Holy smokes folks, I have been RUNNING this week! Last weekend was the local dog show . . . 6 shows in 3 days. My good friend came up with a black and tan dog that came over from Russia to be shown, so I knew that Gracie and I didn’t have a big chance of winning until he finished his title. So the first two days were for practise more than anything. Gracie was HORRID – her behaviour was terrible. She wasn’t afraid or upset, just running, galloping and being a turd.

On the Sunday she won Best of Breed in the morning for her first point, so that was a real treat! She was quite bad in the Group ring – she thought the dog behind her was chasing her, so she kept turning around to try and play Oh well, she did well for a puppy. In the afternoon she was a turd again, and she lost the Breed to the other puppy. But it was nice that we could share the wins over the weekend.

I was at work for two days, and then was off again today. I had an ultrasound this morning to ensure that my liver, kidneys, pancreas and gallbladder are working properly. Last time I had bloodwork done, the liver enzymes were off, so the doctor sent me for an ultrasound and more bloodwork. Then I ran ALL kinds of errands, and finished sewing the 60 snoods I promised to make for the upcoming Specialties this weekend (Cockers-only shows, in addition to some all-breed shows).

I’m now spending a bit of time on the computer, as I will likely be off-line for the next 5 days, while I’m at the dog shows. Farley and Gracie are coming with me, and Taffy is going for her trial visit with her new family. VERY, VERY, VERY busy!

Good Bye Long Weekend!

Well, the long weekend is almost over now 😦 So sad to see it go – I have enjoyed having the additional days off. In addition to having today off (thank goodness for Statutory Holidays), I took Friday off as a mental health day. Good thing too, as we had company over that night and had to get the house cleaned up. We had company over on Saturday night, to celebrate my mom’s birthday, so that was a busy day too. Last night we went for sushi (yep, for my mom’s birthday) and I also groomed a client dog.

Grace is downstairs, with three out of four feet trimmed for the coming show weekend. Unfortunately my nieces are here to distract her, so I can’t get her to stand still so that I can trim the last foot. So we’re both taking a break, and then I’ll try and get that last foot done.

I have a busy few weeks coming up, so there may not be many blog posts. Of course, since I’ve been slacking anyhow, you gentle readers may not even notice a difference in frequency. But I feel it’s only fair to warn you anyhow.

Enjoy your spring or summer or whatever season it is for you!


Did you know that the number for wedding books in the Dewey Decimal System is 395.22? Go forth and learn, dear readers. Thank you to our friendly librarian Weeza for sharing this gem of information with us all at the wedding reception. My life is brighter for it!

What a weekend :)

Well, I have to say that Vicky and Vince had a lovely wedding. They had a Justice of the Peace, and the ceremony was in the same location as the reception, all in the evening. It was nice to be there to celebrate with them both. And at the family dinner on Friday night, we discovered my new nickname (thank you Ben!). Weeza introduced me to him, and he said “oh yeah, that’s Kelly from the blog!” Sort of like Jenny from the Block (J-Lo), except I’m K-Lad. So now all of my peeps can refer to me as either K-Lad or Kelly from the Blog.

I had a fabulous visit with Farley and Grace’s breeder and her niece . . . we did LOTS of chatting, mostly about dogs, but about other stuff too. I had an absolutely delectable lunch served to me on Friday, and an equally tasty breakfast served to me on Sunday. The dogs were very attentive (especially the boys), and it was tons of fun. The only bad part was that the visit was too short.

Now it’s back home, and gearing up for dog shows. I have about a million snoods to sew for our upcoming National Specialty, and a dog to get ready for showing again. It should be busy and fun 🙂

Just Truckin’ Along

I don’t really have much to post, but I hate to not update the blog regularly. So here I am, trying to think of something witty and worthwhile to write. So far I’m drawing a blank, which is kind of embarassing, given that I consider myself a writer of sorts.

I have a really great weekend coming up – a good friend of mine is getting married, and I’m flying down for the wedding. Not only do I get to see some friends (her sister and cousins, as well as the rest of her family, and some other friends of mine as well), but I also get to see Farley’s brother and Grace’s brother and sister! I’m staying with Farley and Grace’s breeder for the weekend, and I’m really looking forward to that. I think it’s going to be a wonderful weekend all around. I’m sure I’ll be tired when I get home Sunday evening, but I’m equally as sure that it will ALL be worth it.

Mom and Dad are going to look after the dogs for me, thank goodness. I can’t even imagine trying to coordinate a dog sitter with my three hoodlums. But my parents take wonderful care of them, so I won’t have to worry at all.

See you soon Sarah, Vicky, Weeza and Lyndarae!

All’s Well

So Taffy came through her spay with flying colours (of course, she had the easiest job of just resting). There were some slight difficulties, as her uterus was quite fragile, but the vet handled it well I’m sure. My vet is just wonderful – and trust me, I don’t say words like that lightly. Anyhow, they did not repair her breast at this time, as the vet felt that it would be too much surgery all at once. But they did the spay and the examined the abdomen at the same time. It was good – just a slightly enlarged spleen, but it appears healthy, so that’s good. So Taffy is recovering well, and being a real trooper about the whole thing. She’s such a good and easy girl to live with.

I’ve been really busy with all kinds of stuff, hence the lack of blog entries. I’m not alone – Vicky, Weeza and Sarah haven’t been posting a whole lot either. I guess it’s just a busy time of year.

I recently joined Curves with my mom, in an attempt to tone up a bit and to just feel better, and so that’s taking up some of my time. It’s good – at least I’m doing something for myself instead of just wishing that I could look and feel better. That’s a step in the right direction. I’ve been making an effort to eat healthier too . . . and I have really noticed that I feel better in that regard. So it should be a GOOD summer, if summer ever gets here LOL

Hope all my ‘peeps are doing well!

Big Day Tomorrow

So I gave Taffy a bath last night, and wrapped her in a pink bathrobe that we won in a raffle. She looked so cute, so I wanted to share some pictures of her. She’s doing REALLY well here – she’s adjusted to being a spoiled housedog so quickly. She maneovers the stairs with ease, and she loves hanging out in the backyard.
Tomorrow is a big day for her. She goes in for her spay surgery, and they’re going to do a short exploration of her abdomen too, because she has some persistent abdominal bloating. They’re also going to fix her saggy boob (I wish a boob job for me would be so CHEAP as hers) . . . so she’s getting the deluxe package. We’d appreciate any good thoughts and prayers that you can send her way. She’s going to feel like she’s been hit by a mack truck when all is said and done.
Have a great weekend all!