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My Spots Remain Intact

You know the saying “A leopard never changes its spots”? Well, I am that leopard today. I forgot about a paper proposal that I was supposed to write for tomorrow. Okay, forgot might be the wrong word. Maybe, conveniently pushed it out of my mind is more accurate. In any case, it’s due at noon tomorrow, and so far I have two lines. Granted, they are outstanding lines, but two lines do not a paper proposal maketh. However, instead of studiously working on my proposal, I am here, entertaining my faithful blog readers.

I did 8 minutes on the elliptical yesterday. I desperately wanted to do 10, but I just could NOT do it. I think maybe I’m fighting off a cold . . . or else I’m just badly out of shape. I prefer to believe the first theory. Today I couldn’t bear the thought of the elliptical, so Grace and I went for a brisk 30 minute walk. She is so good on a leash, I am so lucky!

It’s a new episode of House tonight. I missed the first 30 minutes, but so far 9 minutes into the second half, it’s pretty interesting. I guess I’ll watch the forst 30 minutes later (thank goodness for satellite!). Have to catch NCIS (my most recent addiction) too, as I got interrupted halfway through watching it. Sin of all sins!


Yesterday was sort of a long day at work. When I got home, I was tired and wanted to just sit on the couch. But I didn’t. I dragged my hiney down the stairs and got on my elliptical machine. Made sure the timer was re-set, so I wasn’t “adding on” to my last workout. And I made it to 10 minutes! I was so proud of myself, you have no idea. It sounds like such a small achievement, but to me it was really a happy moment.

I took three prints in to be framed today. Two beautiful Michael Allen prints – one of a family of buff Cocker Spaniels and one of a family of Parti Cockers. The other print is by P. Butch Symons, and it’s a buff Cocker head study. I can’t wait to hang them up in my room!

And other than that, not much is new . . . just had to share my success

Good Read

I haven’t posted about a good book in a while, so here’s a recommendation. I am currently reading “The Other Boleyn Girl” by Philippa Gregory. It’s about Mary and Anne Boleyn (Anne Boleyn being the second wife of King Henry the 8th). It’s based on historical facts, but of course the story itself is fiction. I am in love with that time period and those people, and try to read as much as I can get my hands on.

I read another book of hers – called “The Constant Princess,” which is about Katherine of Aragon (Anne Boleyn’s predecessor as Queen of England). It’s a good book too, but it’s not as good as the one I’m reading now.

Well worth the read!

Somewhat disappointing

So, I have been SOOOOO proud that I made it to 10 minutes on the machine of death! I told everyone standing within 5 feet of me . . . which makes today’s discovery all that much more disappointing.

We had freezing rain today, so I wasn’t prepared to walk the dogs. Not worth hurting myself, and Grace self-entertains well even when she hasn’t had exercise. So I got on the elliptical. When I turned the little monitor on, I saw that it was holding on to my information from Monday. Which means that had I not noticed, I’d have gotten on and thought I’d done 15 minutes! On Monday, I really only did 5 minutes . . . which I guess is why it seemed so easy. Not so easy tonight – I re-set the counter, and worked as hard as I could. I make it to 6 minutes and 45 seconds.

A small setback, but I am not willing to give up just yet. Every time I consider it, I grab my tummy and think “goodbye flab, fare thee well!”

Not Much To Type

I really don’t have a lot to post today, but I don’t want to get out of writing . . . so I thought I’d post anyhow.

My exercise plan continues to unfold. Last night I made it to 10 minutes on the elliptical (and Vicky, it’s not on a high tension, I’m just really out of shape) so I was proud of that. Normally I’d walk Gracie after work, but it was snowing fairly heavily and I didn’t want to have to blowdry her (yes, I’m lazy). Tonight it was gorgeous out, so I took both dogs. Farley continues to lift his feet, even though it’s not that cold. But I think he enjoyed getting out and getting some fresh air.

Things aren’t too terribly busy at work right now. I have enough to keep me working through the day, but not enough to feel a real sense of urgency. I’d rather be really busy, but sometimes it’s not up to me.

I’m back to procrastinating with school. I only have this one course left, and I’m already “postponing” working on my paper proposal. I have put some work into the group project, but the paper proposal keeps getting pushed aside. Too much must-see TV I guess.

Well, better run . . . I managed to write quite a bit for somebody with nothing to say!

Sounds familiar . . .

So, those of you that have been faithful blog readers may remember me getting into the “gym” thing last year. You might even remember my adventures with the elliptical machine (fondly called the machine of death by my mom and I LOL). Well, on Friday morning, I thought I’d get back on the machine of death. When I last went to the gym (in April 2006), I was up to about 25 minutes on the elliptical machine. So I figured I’d do like 10-15 minutes on it, and then call it a day. HAH! After 2 minutes I was sure I was having a heart attack . . . by the time I made it to 5 minutes (my hastily-revised goal), I was sure death was only a ragged, gasping breath away. Funny, yesterday wasn’t really any better. Today is a break day, otherwise my legs will take off through the night, leaving me without mobility.

So I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle . . . so far so good, but it’s only been a couple of weeks. Everything’s easy for a couple of weeks. It’s keeping it up that’s hard. I want to fit into my nice brown dress for Vicky’s wedding in May, and I just want to look nice for the spring/summer dog show season. That’s gonna take some work.

Back In The Saddle

So, as you know, it’s January. The only month of the year that most people actually meet their New Year’s resolutions! One of mine was to lead a healthier lifestyle. Not to lose weight, because that’s too specific, but to get out more and eat healthier. This is a familiar resolution – every year starts out with this one. So far I have been doing fairly well. I haven’t had fast food since ringing in the New Year, and this week I have started walking every day again. Yesterday I brought both dogs with me, but Grace chewed on Farley’s ear the ENTIRE way. And I think it might have been too much for him all at once. So I am going to bring him every other day, and bring Grace every day.

Today was Grace’s solo day – her first solo walk on a leash. Let me tell you, I got the chills from it. After just 30 minutes, she had the hang of loose leash walking! Staying almost in heel position, and self-correcting when I corrected her verbally (ah! ah!). I am THRILLED! I think this little girl is going to be a fabulous obedience dog . . . I can’t wait to seriously start working her now!

It feels good to be walking again . . . it’s definitely good for me, and it should help burn off some of Gracie’s energy. So far that hasn’t happened, but I keep hoping.

Major Breakthrough

Well, today I had a major breakthrough . . . I was able to eat a whole meal without feeling yucky afterwards! For those of you that haven’t been hit with the stomach flu that’s going around, you have no idea how wonderful that is. My mom and I went out for lunch, and I was apprehensive about eating anything with any real flavour to it, in case it irritated my stomach. But it’s several hours later, and I feel okay. Hooray! Now I can go out with my friends for my birthday dinner, which I had to postpone due to illness.

It is still freezing cold here. My poor car did NOT want to start this morning. It made a really strange, whiny noise when I started it, almost as if it were crying. But once she started and warmed up, she was as good and reliable as ever. Yes, I still love my car.

Got my two dogs groomed today . . . so they no longer look scruffy and homeless. It had been so long that Grace was acting like she’d never seen clippers before. She is such a drama queen, which is funny, since it’s her sister whose name is Diva! Tomorrow is bath day, as long as it warms up. I can’t, in good conscience, bath the dogs when it’s thirty below. It just doesn’t seem fair.

Happy Birthday to . . . . me!

Yes, this is a blatant solicitation of birthday wishes. How can I not? That’s the best part of a birthday – having people stop you to wish you a happy day. I love it! I had a quiet day, but a good one. One of my co-workers brought in an Oreo cookie cake for my birthday, which was a super nice treat. And a couple of guys at the office made me presents from stuff lying around the office. Very cute.

Because I’m still recovering from a nasty flu bug, my diet is limited, but today is the first day I can eat real food. Yippee!

The weather is just FREEZING here . . . -30 and holding. It’s no fun waiting for the bus in the morning, or walking to the bus after work. Ugh. But it’s supposed to warm up soon, which will be nice. Maybe then my car will start.

I never did post my New Year’s Resolutions . . . I really hate making them at all, because I never keep them. But this year I want to spend more time with friends, less time glued to my computer, and just more time on ME. So those should be attainable, we’ll see.

I am alive!

Sorry for my faithful blog readers . . . apparently the month of December was so crazy that I couldn’t even face writing about it. Actually, with papers due, final exams and work going like mad, I really didn’t have a lot of time to play on the internet at all. My postings on internet forums for Cocker Spaniel owners suffered too. But a new year is underway (Happy New Year!) and I’m hoping that life won’t be as nutty now. School is almost done – I have only one course left and then I’m free. And that will free up a lot of my time.

My Christmas was good – my best friend came out from Ontario to spend two glorious weeks here. We had the best visit ever, and I almost cried when she flew home. Saying goodbye gets harder and harder with every visit. We spent time watching past episodes of NCIS (a GREAT show, in case you’re wondering), bumming around, and playing Euchre (cards) with my parents. My friend enjoyed having dogs around, since her dog passed away just over a year ago. And my dogs soaked up her attention like a sponge.

Farley’s ear has healed – he has a fancy notch now. I keep thinking I should put an earring in there now. He had another attack of what we now think was pancreatitis, so he was treated for that. At the same time the vet discovered that he has a long-standing mid-back problem. The vet thinks it’s secondary to his knee problems (since his movement has compensated for the bad knees). At this point it’s not affecting his daily life, so we are in management mode. He’s on painkillers until the actute on chronic pain quiets down, and then we will go from there.

Grace enjoyed her holidays, and was a very good girl. She is maturing nicely, and has such a vibrant personality. She’s funny, and she harasses the heck out of Farley on a daily basis. I can’t wait to start showing her, although I don’t want her puppy-ness to disappear too soon.

Anyhow, back to work. I’m going to try and keep life interesting but not TOO exciting. Keep your eyes peeled to see how that works out for me.