Monthly Archives: November 2006

Never A Dull Moment

Yep, life is exciting around here. I can’t imagine what it would be like any other way. I might get bored.

Friday night, before I left for Edmonton, Farley threw up on the bed. I have to admit that I didn’t really think a lot of it, I just thought he’d eaten something. Well, he threw up several more times over the day, so I had my mom withhold food for 24 hours, to give his system a chance to rest. He seemed better on Sunday, so I tried not to worry. When I got home yesterday, he had thrown up again and also had diarrhea. So, off to the vet he went this morning (with my dad).

Several hundred dollars later (x-rays, barium x-rays, bloodwork and subQ fluids), it appears that there is nothing wrong with Farley that can be pinpointed. The vet sent us home with kaopectate and instructions to return if he doesn’t improve. He has his medicine and is now resting. Definitely not as perky as normal, but hopefully on the road to recovery.

Winter Roads Part 2

So I’m back from my girls’ weekend in Edmonton, and I’m happy to report that we had a fabulous time! But the winter roads were worse than I had initially feared. There was plenty of ice and snow, and the big truck drivers just make visibility even crappier. Driving down wasn’t too bad, because we were all excited about the weekend and so we were chatting. Today was a different story – we were all mentally and physically exhausted from the shopping. But oh! the shopping!

All of us had successful money-spending weekends 🙂 I spent less than I had planned, but I can’t say that that’s a bad thing! I did get the new black shoes I wanted, and I was also able to pick up the last few things on my holiday shopping list. It’s nice to be done Christmas shopping before December has even arrived! The Pathfinder wasn’t too full, so I guess we could have done more damage, but I think we were all done for this trip.

Anyhow, if anybody is contemplating travel on highway 63, I say STAY HOME! The roads just aren’t worth braving right now, especially when you couple them with some reckless driving. I’m glad to be home!

Winter Roads

So, I should be sleeping right now, but since I’m not driving tomorrow, it’s not imperative. So I thought I’d post a quick note, because it’ll be a few days before I can post again. I’m heading to Edmonton with a couple of friends from work, and I don’t think I’ll bring the laptop with me. I’d rather just have fun and not be tied to the computer. Shocking, I know. Hopefully I can survive the withdrawal symptoms!

I got my Finance midterm back, and am really pleased with my grade! Much better than I ever thought I’d do in a Finance course, so I’m pleased. Don’t ask about the assignment grade – if I hadn’t lost my motivation for school, the mark wouldn’t have been so dismal. Oh well, I put much more work into the assignment we just handed it. Hopefully the grade reflects that.

Mother Nature is being cruel again – it’s been snowing and blowing for a couple of days now. The city roads are brutal – very icy and of course the snowplows haven’t been out yet. Not sure why they’d want to get out right away? It’s more fun to watch people slide into the ditch for a day or two (NOT!). Anyhow, hopefully the highway isn’t too bad . . . it should be better than the city roads. It’ll be an adventure, anyhow.

Planning ahead

So a really good procrastinator plans ahead 🙂 Instead of working on my paper this weekend, I am heading to the city (Edmonton) with a couple of girlfriends from work. Very last minute, of course, as I was planning to be home to do my paper (or at least, to put off doing my paper). It should be fun, though. Shopping, shopping, and just for good measure, a bit more shopping. I’m actually mostly done my holiday shopping, so for me it will just be hanging out.

On another note, I’ve been watching that new TV show “Heroes” that everybody is talking about. I haven’t been able to understand all the hype – to me it’s been confusing more than anything else. But I realized tonight that even though I still don’t “get it,” I’m hooked. My poor mom was trying to talk to me, and I was glued to the TV. There have been some interesting twists, so I can’t wait to watch again next week!

And so it begins

After the busy week I’ve had, I guess the holiday season has officially begun around here. I’ve been out for TWO dinners, and am about to cry, looking at my schedule for the next few weeks. Concerts, dinners, parties . . . what is a girl to do? I only have one nice holiday outfit, which I can’t be seen wearing twice in a row, so I had to order some pretty shirts from Sears. At least that way I can wear the black pants a few times. Need to get some nice shoes though, to really dress the outfit up.

School is busy too . . . assignments are keeping me on my toes, and of course, I have a big paper due on December 6th. If I was smart, I’d start it now (well actually, real brilliance would have meant starting it back in September), but I just don’t feel enough pressure to get working on it. I didn’t realize that procrastination was such an inborn characteristic! Maybe this week I will start writing, and see where that leads me.

And so the fun continues . . . another episode in the Life of Kelly!

Fabulous Concert

So on Saturday night I went to a concert with my dad and my good friend. It was a guy that grew up here that has done really well for himself. Country music, but sort of the more modern country. Anyhow, the concert was great! The opening act was two guys named Max and Mike, and they played about 7 songs. They did a great job – I would definitely go see them again. They’re local, so it was nice to see what kind of talent is around town these days. Then came the main show – Aaron Lines ( His show was great . . . lots of energy, and he is very good at charming the audience between songs as well. He writes a lot of his own stuff, and he does a good job at it too. He’s got a couple of CDs out, so if you like country music at all, check it out. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I know my dad was – he was prepared to just sit and listen, but he actually enjoyed the show, and was impressed with Aaron’s talent.

Other than that I’ve done a really good job of frittering away my weekend. I still haven’t even started my homework OR my paper! I did do some visiting with friends, though, and spent lots of time online. Today I have to get down to business . . . UGH!

The new dog bed

So, the Sunday before Halloween, my mom and I took the girls to a “party” at the local Boys’ and Girls’ Club in town (they provide support for kids, through activities, etc). There as a silent auction going on at the same time, so I bid on a cute dog bed that was being offered. Then I forgot all about it, since we were busy with the kids and stuff. On Monday I got a phone call that I’d won the bed. Spent more than I ever would on a dog bed normally, but at least I supported a good cause. When I brought it home, Farley immediately claimed it as his own. So far he sleeps on it every chance he gets.

Wrote my midterm exam last night, and found it surprisingly understandable. That either means it went really well, or else it went horribly wrong. I hope it’s the former, but I guess I’ll find out in time.

Studying is fun . . .

Or, it would be, if I was actually doing it. Instead, I watched half an episode of House MD (it’s on again later, thanks to satellite), am now watching Gilmore Girls, and then am heading to bed for a good sleep. Tomorrow is the midterm, so I guess I’ll study at work. Always a most effective study area 😉 I don’t know why I don’t feel any stress or pressure . . . I think it’s because I feel like I’ve worked so hard for so long, and now I just need a break. Regardless, I do still have to pass this class.

We got even more snow overnight . . . when I got up this morning the curses to Mother Nature were genuine. Having to shovel the deck three days in a row is just evil. I am hoping and praying that it doesn’t snow again tonight, or I might cry in the morning. And the cold weather will cause the tears to freeze to my face 😦

Hopefully my friends in the south are experiencing better weather. Vicky?

Enough Already!

Yeah, I know, my last post was so poetic, about nature’s cotton candy. This morning when I woke up and saw yet more snow (after shoveling the driveway and deck yesterday), nice poetic words were FAR from my lips! I actually do like the snow, but only when there is somebody else to clean it off the street and deck. But this weekend the family unit is away, so I’m the dishwasher/snowblower/garbage-taker-outer. UGH!

The dogs don’t seem to mind the snow. In fact, Miss Grace is having quite a bit of fun with it. She likes to run in it, burrow her nose in it, and the sneeze it all out. I took a few pictures, but will just post the one for today.

I have a midterm exam on Wednesday to study for, and a paper due December 6th. Guess I’d better get off this computer and get some work done.

Softly Falling Snow

Today we are having softly falling snow where I live. You know, those beautiful big flakes that drift lazily to the ground and collect like nature’s cotton candy. It’s just so pretty, and I feel like I can enjoy it, since it’s not too cold out. Although I don’t normally love winter (I can’t enjoy the cold, no matter how much I try!), I love it when the weather is so gentle and pretty like this.

Farley is not impressed. He was standing on the deck, giving me his best “I’m freezing” act, shivers and all. However, since it’s not even ten below Celsius, I know he’s fine. Grace, on the other hand, thinks it’s great fun! She loves to walk around the backyard with her nose to the ground, letting the snow accumulate on her muzzle. Then she lifts her head and gives a mighty sneeze. I love watching dogs experience snow for the first time, it never fails to make me smile.

Tonight I’m going for dinner with some friends, and then coming home to snuggle in a warm bed with two dogs, and probably watch a good movie. Not the world’s most exciting Saturday night, but I’ll take it . . .