Procrastinating again

Yes, you can almost guarantee that when I post more than once during the week, that at least one post is to “prevent” me from having to do homework. There is just something about Finance that makes me want to avoid it at all possible costs. However, since the assignment is due on Friday, I can’t go on like this forever. And while it may not seem like procrastination to you (since the due date is 5 days away), I have been diligently avoiding my homework ALL DAY now. Bad girl.

Today was our weekly visit to the off leash park (in my city it’s only an allowed off-leash park one day a week). I only take Billy with me, since Farley dislikes other dogs and Quigley refuses to come when I call him. Billy, on the other hand, is a little pro at coming and checking in with me every so often, so I don’t have to worry about him. And he sure loves the other dogs. His new best friend is Brawn, a really nice 7 month old Bullmastiff puppy. Although Brawn is at least 5 times Billy’s size, he plays so gently with him. And he is so tolerant of being “boxed” in the face by Billy’s puppy paws. Billy likes to run through my legs . . . which is cute. Then Brawn runs through my legs . . . sort of like riding a pony. I sure love watching them play though. And of course, Billy’s first and best friend is Jack the Golden Retriever. Jack belongs to very good family friends of ours, and I babysat him for a week once. Ever since then, Billy idolizes Jack and just waits for him to arrive at the dog park.

This week should be interesting. Tomorrow night is Billy’s last puppy class. We missed last week because I was sick, so we’ll be a week behind. I will really miss the classes, despite Billy’s clownish antics. It was a lot of fun seeing the other puppy owners and seeing the other puppies learn through the weeks. We are signed up for a second set of classes, but they won’t be puppy classes. We have to wait until early March for those . . . so we get a couple of weeks off. I’m going to have to start walking him or something to burn off the energy he usually burns at puppy classes. I’m sure the walks won’t hurt ME either.

I got some great news today. The musical that I want to see more than anything – “Wicked” – is returning to Toronto! The timing is less than idea (Oct 6 – Nov 20, 2006) but I am determined to find a way to make it work. This musical is the latest Broadway hit, based on a book of the same name by Gregory Maguire. It is the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West. I know the words to all of the songs, so now I need to see the show to bring it all to life in my mind. I will find a way to get there.

Well, I am actually running out of things to say now . . . amazing! Guess that means my homework is really calling my name. Hope you have a great week.

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